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Name and Registered Office

1. The name of the Society shall be the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi (Here in after referred as the “Akademi").

2. The registered office of the Akademi shall be situated at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Function and Objects

The function and objects of the Akademi shall be:-

To preserve, foster and develop Urdu Language and its literature.
To encourage and publish original works of literary and academic merit or popular and children books in Urdu.
To arrange translation in Urdu of literary and scientific works as also works on other topics, not hitherto translated in Urdu Language.
4. To prepare and publish reference works in Urdu.
5. To publish scientifically edited texts of old Urdu literature.
6. Publish the so far unpublished works of merit in Urdu.
7. To help deserving authors of Urdu in publishing their works.
8. To award Urdu authors annually on their works published during the previous year.
9. To give monthly financial assistance to old and needy authors of Urdu.
10. To provide facilities, including financial assistance, for advanced study to Urdu scholars for specified period.
11. To invite eminent scholars and other persons of eminence to deliver lectures.
To hold seminars, symposia, conferences and other gatherings of an academic nature, interalia or for discussing problems connected with Urdu in the perspective of world literary currents as also with respect to the implementation of government orders regarding facilities for the teaching and use of Urdu and in pursuance of the aforesaid objects to give financial assistance to various literary and cultural organizations who organize similar functions subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 500/- in each such-individual case.
13. To bring out journals, periodicals, magazines or similar publications in Urdu of high standards.
14. To arrange for the sale of the matters published under these rules.
To acquire movable and immovable properties for the Akademi provided that in case of acquisition of immovable properties prior approval of the Government shall be necessary.
To bring to the notice of the Government the demands of the Urdu speaking people regarding the teaching. and use of urdu, including difficulties in the implementation of Government orders.
To do all such acts and take all such steps as are likely to advance the objects specified above.
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