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Interpretation Clause

In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:-

(a) “Akademi” means the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi.
(b) “Committee” means the Executive Committee.
(c) “Government” means the Government of Uttar Pradesh.


The Akademi shall consist of fourty five members of U.P. to be nominated by the Government, as detailed below:-

President, Chief Minister or his nominee, devoted to the cause of Urdu, or in the event of President’s Rule, Governor or his nominee, devoted to the cause of Urdu. Vice-President of the Executive Committee.
2. Chairman of the Executive Committee.
3. Secretary, Language Department U.P. Government (Ex-Officio)
4. Secretary, Finance Department, U.P. Government (Ex-Officio)
5. Secretary, Education Department, U.P. Government (Ex-Officio)
6. Vice-President, U.P. Hindi Sansthan (Ex-Officio)
7. Director Information and Public Relations U.P. Government (Ex-Officio)
8. Dy. Director Education (Urdu) U.P. Government (Ex-Officio)
9. Secretary, U.P. Urdu Akademi (who will not have the right to vote)
10 to 14. Head of the Departments of Urdu of the five Universities of U.P. both Central and State.
15 to 17. Three Head of the Departments of Degree Colleges in U.P. Knowledge of and interested in the promotion of Urdu (to be nominated in consultation with the President, if he is nominee of the Chief Minister or Governor and the Chairman of the Executive Committee.)
18 to 45. Twenty Seven other members (Including representatives of educational institutions teaching urdu having sufficient knowledge of in the promotion of urdu to be nominated in consultation with the president , if he is nominee of the chief minister or governer and the vice president of the executive committee.)

Term And Condition Of Membership

The Ex-Officio members shall cease to be the members of the Akademi as soon as they cease to hold the office by virtue of which they were appointed members under Rule2.
The term of office of every member other than Ex-Officio members referred to in rule 2, shall be two years from the date of his nomination. Provided, however, that the members, other than the ex-officio members, shall continue till the Akademi is constituted.
A member shall cease to be a member of the Akademi, if he resigns, becomes of unsound mind, is adjudged insolvent or is convicted of criminal offence involving moral turpitude or if he is removed by the Government from the membership of the Akademi by his continuous absence in two consecutive meetings without any valid reason or for any other reasons considered sufficient by the Government. The decision of the Government in this regard shall be final.
Whenever a member other than Ex-Officio member referred to in rule 2 desires to resign from the membership of the Akademi, he shall send the letter of resignation addressed to the President of the Akademi and the resignation shall take effect on being accepted by the President.
Provided that the President, (if he is a nominee of the Chief Minister or the Governor), Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee shall send their resignation letters to the Secretary language Department, U.P. Govt. and their resignation shall take effect on being accepted by the Minister for language U.P. Government.
Any vacancy in the membership of the Akademi other than of the Ex-Officio member, shall be filled up by the Government and the person so appointed by the Government shall hold office for the un-expired period of the term of the Akademi.
(6) The Akademi shall function notwithstanding any vacancy in its body and notwithstanding any defect in the nomination of any of its members and no act or proceedings of the Akademi shall be invalid merely by reasons of existence of a vacancy or of any defect in the nomination or appointment of any of the members.
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