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The Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi was established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, for promotion of Urdu language in January 1972. The Akademi was established for the development and enrichment of Urdu Language and Literature.

The Akademi works for the benefit of the Urdu knowing public through its schemes such as giving scholarships to students form class VI to the Ph.D. level; to reprint the classical books of merit in Urdu; to give financial aid to the old and the needy Urdu poets, writers, journalists and calligraphers; to hold seminars and symposia on the current topics concerning promotion of Urdu language and its literature.

Besides, the Akademi organizes Annual Mushaira on the occassion of National Festivals. Urdu lovers have always shown keen interest in the activities of the Akademi but it has been a problem for the Akademy to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. It has also been difficult to involve the Urdu lovers community in formulating new schemes for development of the language. It is hoped that this web site of the UP Urdu Akademi shall facilitate such an interaction and involvement of Urdu lovers in the functioning of the Akademi. No language can be developed unless the language is capable enough to provide the means of livelihood to its learners. An effort that empowers Urdu in this direction is the need of the time. Akademi has made some efforts in this direction as would be evident form the schemes and programmes given on this web site and they would be able to enrich these development efforts through their suggestions through this web site or otherwise.

List of Akademies Chairman

1 Mr.Anand Narain Mulla 25-01-1972 to 14-9-1977
2 Mohd. Hasan 15-09-1977 to 17-10-1979
3 Prof. Mohd. Rizwan Alvi 18-10-1979 to 17-02-1981
4 Prof. Mahmood Ilhi 18-02-1981 to 25-08-1983
5 Mufti Mohd. Raza Ansari 26-08-1983 to 24-06-1987
6 Prof. Mahmood Ilhi 25-06-1987 to 29-07-1989
7 Prof. Mohd. Yunus Nagrami 30-07-1989 to 10-03-1991
8 Prof. Mohd. Yunus Nagrami 11-03-1991 to 05-07-1991
9 Dr. Azeezur Rehman 16-10-1991 to 28-07-1993
10 Prof. Mehmood Ilahi 29-07-1993 to 14-03-1996
11 Prof. Mohd. Yunus Nagrami 15-03-1996 to 18-05-1997
12 Dr. Sheema Rizvi 19-05-1997 to 16-11-1999
13 Dr. Nepal Singh 17-11-1999 to 15-05-2000
14 Mr. Shahid Ullah Khan 15-05-2000 to 18-05-2001
15 Mohd. Azam Quraishi 08-05-2003 to 08-02-2005
16 Maulana Dr. Yaseen Ali Usmani 09-02-2005 to 15-05-2007
17 Dr. Nawaz Deobandi 19-02-2014 to 18-02-2017
18 Prof. Asifa Zamani(Padamshri) 31-01-2018 to ------------

Vice President

1 Tarrannum Aqeel 22-06-2007 to 16-03-2012

List of Akademies President

1 Begum Hamida Habib Ullah 25-01-1972 to 14-9-1977
2 Dr. Noorul Hasan Hashmi 15-09-1977 to 17-10-1979
3 Dr. Moaziz Ali Beg 18-10-1979 to 30-07-1980
4 Mr. Ali Jawad Zaidi 31-07-1980 to 25-08-1983
5 Begum Hamida Habib Ullah 26-08-1983 to 24-06-1987
6 Begum Hamida Habib Ullah 25-06-1987 to 29-07-1989
7 Hafiz Mohd.Umar 30-07-1989 to 23-04-1990
8 Mr.Khan Ghufran Zahidi 29-07-1993 to 14-03-1994
9 Mr. Asmat Malihabadi 19-05-1997 to 25-06-1997
10 Dr.Noor Mohd. I.A.S 18-05-2002 to 08-05-2003
11 Prof. Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad 09-02-2005 to 15-05-2007
12 Mr.Munawwar Rana 07-02-2014 to 27-05-2014